Call of the Winds

with Mehdi Aminian (Ney)

Sivananda Ashram – Bahamas U.S.


Call of the Winds

Trio Persian ney, Indian fluit and percussions (Mehdi Aminian)

19:30, Sargfabrik Vienna learn more


Gayatri mantra singing – with Natasha Nandini

house concert

20:00 at Elgin Avenue, London, W9 2


L’année du singe

Codarts Circus presentation

5pm. and 8pm. at Circus academy Codarts Rotterdam, Veerlaan 19f


L’année du singe

Codarts Circus presentation

8pm. at Circus academy Codarts Rotterdam, Veerlaan 19f


Indian classical recital with tabla and bansuri

Ganesh Ramnath (tabla), Julia Ohrmann (bansuri)

Haarlem – NL, at Helende geluiden, 3 p.m. more info


Indian classical recital, judalbandi (duo) with guitar and bansuri

Max Clouth (guitar), Ganesh Ramnath (tabla), Julia Ohrmann (bansuri)

14:00 at Yoga Maya (Rotterdam)


Calls of the wind – Indian Persian Roots

Mehdi Aminian (ney), Julia Ohrmann (bansuri)

Hermitage, urban spiritual hub, Str. Mihai Eminescu nr 127, 020079 Bucharest, Romania intre Viitorulusi si V. Lascar


“Reflections”, quartet for live electronics (Ali Ostovar)

with Bassem Hawar (Djoze), Julia Ohrmann (Bansuri), Erfan Pejhanfar (Tombak), Kioomars Musayyebi (Santur)

19:30 pm at Essen Volkwanghochschule (former Pina Bausch Dance Academy), Essen (Germany), Big “Aula” , entrance free


“At that time I was searching for an artistic way to express moods via acoustic music, refined structure and ornamentation.
The technical possibilities of the bansuri to create that certain sound in Indian music, was for me, the optimal medium. Today I continue to use its richness to contribute in diverse musical projects/situations.”

The Reflection Of Memories Of A Room

Ali Ostovar – feat. Julia Ohrmann (bansuri)

You’ll be the one

Happy Song

Calls of the wind

the Iranian Ney and the bansuri

Wajma (an Afghan Love-Story) Official Trailer – Sundance Film Festival

movie director: Barmak Akram

Raag Malaya Marutam

bansuri: Julia Ohrmann, pakhawaj: Sanjay Agle

The Soundcheck Project : T.L. Mazumdar (Feat. Jivraj Singh & Julia Ohrmann) – ‘Someone’

Raag Chandrakauns

Julia Ohrmann (bansuri) Shabbir Hussain (tabla), Suficenter Haarlem Nl, may 2015



“He stood there on a cold Parisian day, dressed in a thick coat, looking like some urban caveman. Around his neck hung a box. I asked him what it was and that’s when he played me the first notes of my ears had heard from this divine instrument. He sent me to the fair at parc de la Villette, where I bought my first bansuri.”
Born and brought up in Duesseldorf amidst the strains of Mozart and Bach at her family piano, this was how Julia Ohrmanns long-standing relationship with the Bansuri started on the streets of her second home in Paris. So strong was her call after this encounter that she moved thereafter to Rotterdam to study under the tutelage of her guruji Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia at the World Music Academy “Codarts”.
Since then, she has been one of the first European women to share the stage with the legendary master and has toured internationally with him having being featured among others, on a significant concert for the BBC Network.
But Julia Ohrmann is a world citizen, both in human and musical form. And when she isn’t orbiting the universe of Indian Classical music, her contributions can be heard on a vast array of musical projects ranging from international film soundtracks to Brazilian music to experimental Electro-acoustic music.

Some career highlights:

* International appearances on TV and Radio for “Vrije geluiden”, “”, ‘Radio France” and French spiritual magazine “terre du ciel”.
  • * Featured artist on award-winning Afganisthani Film ‘Wajma-an afghan love story’ (by Barmak Akram)
  • * Assorted international Concerts in Mexico, Cypress, Holland, India and Germany.
  • * Workshop Presentations at ‘Global Learning and Music 2013’ (Stuttgart, Germany).

Besides a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Indian music, she earns a Bachelor’s degree in musicology (Sorbonne university) and is state qualified to give music lessons to groups, children and adults, alike.

In 2016 Julia Ohrmann has been invited as a guest teacher and assistant of Pt. H. Chaurasia  at the conservatory Codarts in Rotterdam for a time period of 6 months.

learning bansuri

“Every student has a diffrent personality and diffrent needs and sees music in a diffrent way. I simply try to adapt to this basing myself on techniques and esthetics of North Indian music.
In order to learn how to improvise we need some basic rules, structure and compositions: Raga and tala are combining many ingredients like when we cook a delicious dish. The most important thing is to listen, to feel, to sing and to breath.”

bansuri player


J. Ohrmann
mobile (nl): +31 (0)6 4525 6181
email: bansuri (at)
skype adress: julia.ohrmann
drawings and illustrations: Julia Ohrmann

header photo: Hans Wijker
background photos: Michiel Burger